The Girl That He Was Seeing Had To Leave Halfway Through A Date, So Then He Insisted She Had To Pay Him Back

olgasparrow - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young man was seeing a girl for about 6 weeks, and he figured everything was going wonderfully between them.

They had excellent conversations, they laughed together, they kissed, they held hands; it really did seem that things were progressing.

That all changed, though, on their 6th date. For that particular date, which happened to also be their very last date, he put a lot of thought into it.

He organized a couple of different activities, and he let this girl know about the plans he had set a week before their date. She was super excited about what he said they would be doing.

“Then, come the day of the date, the first thing she says to me upon greeting is that she has to leave halfway through for vague reasons (“errands to run”),” he explained.

“I am slightly annoyed because she had days to tell me she wanted a shorter date but instead let me know the change of plans last minute. But I don’t probe and play it cool.”

“I can tell something is up because she proceeds to act distant all day, and there is no passion in the end-of-date make out. I can only guess what happened (she found someone she liked better, she somehow felt pressured…who knows?).”

Then a couple of days after their final date, this girl told him that she was breaking up with him, which really did break his heart.

He really liked her a lot, and she clearly didn’t feel the same. After she ended things with him, he asked her to pay him back for the date plans they never got to enjoy since she ended their date early.

olgasparrow – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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