The Girl That He Was Seeing Had To Leave Halfway Through A Date, So Then He Insisted She Had To Pay Him Back

The grand total of everything came out to $50, by the way.

“She pays me back but says “good riddance” before blocking me,” he said. “I feel it was completely fair to ask her to pay me back since she agreed to date plans a week in advance and let me make the reservations, only to cancel half of them the morning of.”

“It would’ve been different if we had actually gone to those activities, and I wouldn’t have asked if that was the case.”

He did plan every date that he took her on, and he also paid for the majority of their dates during their time together.

Anyway, he’s left wondering if it was rude of him to expect her to pay him back for their canceled plans on their date.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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