He Got Accused Of Making His Friend Look Bad Because He Paid On Their Double Date, But His Friend Didn’t

bobex73 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 18-year-old guy has a 19-year-old roommate named David, who also is a good friend of his. For several weeks now, David has been chasing after this 19-year-old girl named Mia, but Mia hasn’t really been interested.

Although David has repeatedly asked Mia out on a date, she replied back with several reasons why she couldn’t go.

Last weekend, Mia finally told David that she wasn’t able to go on a date with him because her 19-year-old friend Brooke was coming from a different college to visit her.

“So then David offered that he could bring a friend, that would be me, for her, and Mia finally said yes,” he explained.

“Mia knows me from some classes we have together, and I think she is a really nice person. I was really nervous about going because I have never been on a real date with a woman, and I knew Brooke was going to be totally out of my league, but I had the hope that going with David would make me look better by association.”

As his mom says, David is quite “handsome” and very popular with the ladies. David has also hooked up with quite a few different girls who go to college with them, and he honestly lost track of how many exactly.

Now, David is really interested in Mia because she’s on the basketball team at their college and close to his height.

So, the evening of his double date with David arrived, and as soon as he got to meet Brooke, he could instantly tell she had no interest in him.

Brooke spent the entire night on her phone and ignored him completely.

bobex73 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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