He Has Twin Sisters, And One Of Them Secretly Slept With The Other’s Fiancé Before Getting Pregnant

Initially, he was furious with Liz and Jenn’s ex-fiancé for cheating, though he then had a change of heart.

Currently, he feels that he wants to leave the past in the past and be a great uncle to his little niece. He admits that his niece truly is “innocent” and has nothing to do with the behavior of her parents.

His niece really is in no way to blame for what her mom and dad did, and so he feels that he needs to move on and have a relationship with her.

His own mom and dad, who are his niece’s grandparents, are on his side, and they also want to forgive and forget here so that they can have a relationship with their granddaughter.

“Jenn is threatening to go no contact with the whole family over this,” he continued. “While I feel horrible for her, I don’t like that I’m being forced to choose between my sister and niece, and it’s definitely unfair for our parents to be forced to choose between their daughter and granddaughter.”

He’s left wondering if it’s wrong of him to want to be involved with his niece’s life since it will only keep upsetting Jenn.

What do you think?

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