She’s Explaining Why Your Girlfriend Probably Dumped You For No Apparent Reason

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever been dumped for seemingly no apparent reason? TikToker Jennifer Reardon (@notjenneeree) is here to tell you that there is always a specific reason for a breakup, and she’s providing some answers.

In her video, which has gained nearly thirteen million views, she’s breaking down the science behind a breakup that occurs for “no reason.”

As she describes the steps that lead to a failed relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, she draws a crude chart to give you a visual so you can better follow what happened.

So first, you start out in a happy relationship, and a simple, fixable problem arises. Jennifer uses the problem of “no good morning texts” as her example.

One day, your significant other comes to you and asks if you can start sending them good morning texts. So, of course, you agree.

But something happens. Maybe you’ve gotten busy, or you just may have forgotten, and you stopped texting them good morning.

Now, what was once a small, simple problem has morphed into a bigger issue. Your partner will think that you don’t care enough since you didn’t follow through on your promise.

However, it hasn’t culminated into a make-or-break issue yet, so your S.O. will just remind you about it to jog your memory.

Once again, you agree but don’t follow through a second time. In your S.O.’s head, they have confirmed that you don’t care enough to do one simple thing for them.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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