Her Relationship With Her Husband Started As An Affair, And She’s Completely Jealous Of His Ex-Wife

“His oldest doesn’t talk to him because of the divorce, and it always hurts my husband that his daughter wants nothing to do with them. The rest of them are good. They do not love me, but they are very civil. She never bad-mouthed me or called me a homewrecker. She did her best for the kids. She still tries her best so that her oldest daughter has a good relationship with her dad. I used to think she is a silly woman for not holding a grudge. She was always nice to me.”

When her husband’s ex found out about her pregnancy, she said congrats and also gave her a baby gift.

That was the moment that made her feel terrible for causing such a kind woman an incredible amount of pain.

Currently, her husband’s ex is dating her cousin, and her own mom and dad absolutely adore her. Her entire family actually loves her husband’s ex too.

“She never discriminated between her kids and mine,” she said. “She always sends some cookies or extra food for my son with her kids whenever it is their visitation time.”

“She even met my son and treats him like her own. For the longest time, I wondered why she is like this. Is she trying to win her husband back? I even asked her why she doesn’t hate me when I was her husband’s mistress. She told me she doesn’t see the point because whether or not she hates me her marriage was over anyways.”

“I am jealous of her. She is not just beautiful but also graceful. I know I was very much younger than her when my husband started the affair, but I can say she is much better looking than I am. Even if I took her place in her husband’s life but I can never be her.”

What do you think of all this?

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