She’s Wondering How Marriages Survive After Adding Children Because She Cannot Figure Out How To Make It Work With Her Husband Anymore

Alena Ozerova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 29-year-old woman and her husband, who is 36, welcomed their first child into the world eight months ago. But, raising their newborn together has been far from sunshine and rainbows.

Instead, she admitted that the past eight months have been the most difficult time in their marriage.

For context, she is currently a full-time student and stay-at-home mom; meanwhile, her husband works full-time.

And during the first few months following their child’s birth, her husband did not help out much– which pushed her to become quite resentful.

“I felt so alone in the first few months postpartum. I will never forget how isolating it was, and sometimes still is,” she said.

Eventually, she did talk to her husband about getting more help. In fact, they had at least 10 to 15 conversations before he finally started to pitch in more.

However, she really doesn’t even remember much of what was said during those discussions– mostly because everything has been a giant blur due to postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.

“Also, after having a baby, it’s like I changed completely as a person, and he… didn’t,” she revealed.

“His life seems to have become mostly unchanged while mine is so different.”

Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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