Everyone At School Found Out Her Half-Sister Makes Steamy Videos Online, And It Has Made Her Life Miserable, But Now Her Mom Wants Her To Post On Social Media Defending Her Sister

eurobanks - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old woman has a 29-year-old half-sister from her mother’s first marriage. Despite their age difference, she says they had a good sibling relationship, too.

But, just a few months ago, everything changed after the truth came out that her half-sister had been making publicly available steamy videos.

After her family found out, her half-sister was disowned by her biological dad.

“Which made my mom super protective. My mom made her out to be this brave, amazing person,” she recalled.

“I didn’t say [anything], even when they’d have casual conversations about her work at the dinner table.”

Well, that was until about a week ago when someone from her high school found out about the steamy videos. Then, the videos started to get sent throughout the student body, and she has been suffering the consequences.

Thankfully, it is summer break right now, which means she is able to hide away from all of the rumors and gossip for a bit. She also hopes that by September, a new scandal will take its place.

But, for the time being, she has still been getting severely bullied. While she did not get into the details of her bullying, she lost some of her friends, and she was even forced to delete her social media.

“I’ve been staying in my room mostly, and I’ve not even been able to look at my half-sister,” she admitted.

eurobanks – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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