He Caused A Lot of Family Drama When He Told His Little Brother He Could Have His Room When He Moves For College

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This 18-year-old guy is about to move away from home for college, and there is some tension in his family as to who will get his bedroom.

He has four brothers– the two youngest are 10 and 7, while his brother Jay is 16 and Ty is 15. Additionally, he has a 12-year-old sister, and she and he have always had their own bedrooms. The other two sets of brothers have had to share rooms.

Jay felt entitled to get his bedroom when he moved out since Jay is the second oldest child. He was not too eager about this, however, because he and Jay have not gotten along very well.

Apparently, after numerous occasions of rude and entitled behavior, he just does not support his brother’s behavior. Jay even once told his little sister that she needed to lose weight!

So, after constantly asking, he told Jay that he wouldn’t give him his room. Upset, Jay ran to tell their parents and their mother advised him to let one of his brothers have the room after he moved.

But at that point, she didn’t specify which one. So, while Jay was out of town, he decided to offer up his bedroom to Ty instead.

“Ty is a good kid, and I am probably closest to him out of all my siblings, so it just made sense. Ty accepted the offer, and my parents agreed to it since it seemed that everyone would be happy with this arrangement,” he explained.

However, it was clear that once Jay got home from his camping trip, he definitely wasn’t happy with the arrangement.

His father had to stop Jay from spewing out any more insults about Ty once he realized what was happening.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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