He Caused A Lot of Family Drama When He Told His Little Brother He Could Have His Room When He Moves For College

“Jay came home to us moving Ty’s keyboard into my room and started frothing at the mouth at the realization that Ty was getting the room instead of him,” he said.

Jay ran away crying and upset to the point where his mother followed to attempt to comfort him. His father agreed that he should be able to choose which brother he gives his bedroom to and that, in the end, both Jay and Ty will get their own private room, so it shouldn’t really matter.

His mom, however, wanted the brothers to make amends and not cause any more drama.

“My mom is annoyed that her golden boy is upset and is saying that I should just give him the room to avoid any more conflict,” he stated.

Do you think that he is rude for choosing to give his room to Ty instead of Jay? Do you think it should have been the parent’s decision instead of his?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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