He Yelled At His Mom That She Messed Up The Rice He Made For Dinner To Serve His Guests

ID 147283679 - © Chernetskaya -

This 15-year-old guy loves to cook and wants to one day turn this hobby of his into a career. Recently, he decided to prepare a meal for his girlfriend and her friends since she had been telling them all about his wonderful cooking skills.

He was going to be serving them garlic mushroom chicken and was going to attempt a new rice recipe that he had been working on.

The rice dish was pretty particular and was made with bamboo shoots and green onion.

The Japanese-style rice is intended to have a mild flavor, and any extra ingredients could completely alter what it’s supposed to taste like.

While he was making the meal for his friends, his mother came into the kitchen and started commenting about how there weren’t enough vegetables in the dish and recommended different ways to make it healthier.

However, he ignored her suggestions and began preparing the rice. After putting in the bamboo shoots and green onions, he placed them all into the rice cooker.

Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ring and assumed it was his guests, so he asked his mother to set the timer on the rise cooker for 45 minutes.

“I opened the door, said hello, led them to our living room, and told them dinner would be ready in 50 minutes. I checked on the rice cooker, and it was set for the right time, so I figured everything was fine,” he explained.

After 45 minutes, he got the chicken out of the cooker and went to check on the rice. When he opened the rice cooker, he saw slimy green spinach leaves inside!

ID 147283679 – © Chernetskaya –

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