Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her And Sent This Other Girl Steamy Texts Just Half An Hour After He Told Her She Makes Him The Happiest Guy Alive

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This 24-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 21, and they have been dating for the last 3 months. But just 1 month into their relationship, she caught him cheating on her with a girl.

She caught him after she went looking through his phone, and she found steamy texts and photos between him and this girl on a social media app.

She noticed the time stamps on the messages, and the conversation her boyfriend had with this girl lasted 2 weeks.

Her boyfriend saved all the photos this girl sent to him, and she also could see that he sent this girl a ton of compliments.

Just half an hour before he sent this girl some steamy messages, he had texted her to say that he’s the happiest guy alive with her in his life, and he also said she makes him feel appreciated.

She was crushed to find the messages, and she instantly confronted him. Her boyfriend just said to her that he was “scared” and thought she had been acting weird toward him.

“I don’t like how he blamed me for it,” she explained. “Since that conversation, he has apologized countless times and reassured me that he is 100% committed.”

“He is a great boyfriend, besides this major [mistake]. I do want it to work out, it’s just so hard to trust him. He tells me that he almost lost me that day, and he will never do it again.”

Even though months have passed since this all came out, she can’t get over her boyfriend cheating on her.

ID 176037316 – © Look Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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