His Ex-Girlfriend Emailed Him To Apologize And See If He Wants To Catch Up, But He’s Married And Doesn’t Think This Is A Good Idea, Even Though His Sister Does - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old guy had a girlfriend 4 years younger than him when he was much younger. She started out as his best friend, and then they started dating.

Halfway through college, they split up after she said some nasty and terrible things to him. It was really hard for him to decide to finally walk away from her for good, but he did it.

Post-breakup, he somehow became a joke to other people on campus. The bullying got so out of control that he finished his degree as fast as he could so he could just get out of there.

It really negatively impacted his health to deal with this during his college years, but he was able to overcome everything and find happiness.

“Seeing how she moved on quickly made me question our childhood friendship too, so there was that,” he explained.

“It took a few years and I moved on with my life. Got married just a few years ago and have a son. About a month ago, my ex emailed me with an apology for the break-up and asking if we could catch up.”

“I thanked her for the apology but said that I think meeting up is not a good idea. Since then, she’s been emailing me every few days.”

His family and his ex-girlfriend’s family are still close to this day, and since his little sister found out about his ex emailing him, she thinks he should speak to her.

His sister has really been trying to push him into sitting down with his ex so he can finally get some kind of “closure,” but he doesn’t understand how this will benefit him in the least. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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