His Family Thinks He’s Selfish For Selling His Grandma’s House That He Inherited, Since His Brother Was Really Hoping He Could Have It

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A year ago, this 33-year-old man and his 31-year-old brother Ben sadly lost their grandmother. She left behind a beautiful and pretty large house in a little coastal town.

The house had an ocean view and was a Victorian-era style. It has been in their family for many generations and held a ton of sentimental value to a lot of the family members, and it especially meant a lot to Ben.

Growing up, Ben always made it known that he wanted to live in that house one day.

“Since we were children, Ben has always been enchanted by that house. He’d spend hours exploring every nook and cranny, daydreaming about the life he’d lead there,” he explained.

Upon reading their grandmother’s will, it turned out that she had left the house to him rather than to Ben.

At the time, he was already living in the city with his family and was successful in his career. Meanwhile, Ben was in between jobs, was struggling financially, and often had to borrow from him and their parents.

When he saw the state that his late grandmother’s house was in, he realized that it would need a lot of work and renovations to become liveable again.

Plumbing issues, roof troubles, and old wiring were all problems that needed to be taken care of, but they would also cost a lot of money to be done.

“Money that Ben didn’t have, and I wasn’t in a position to provide without jeopardizing my own family’s financial stability,” he said.

ID 1340475 – © Ken Cole –

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