She Reminded Her Daughter That She Didn’t Have A Right To Complain About Being Poor Since She Was The One Who Wanted To Grow Up To Be A Teacher

Kateryna - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband are in their late 50s, and they have three children who are truly wonderful; 34-year-old James, 33-year-old Maggie, and 32-year-old June.

Her husband works as a lawyer, and ever since their last child graduated from school, she became a paralegal.

She and her husband make great money in their careers, and James actually followed in her husband’s footsteps.

James not only works as a lawyer; he’s at the same firm that her husband is. Maggie is currently in law school, and she worked as a paralegal part-time while her kids were little.

Maggie’s husband works in engineering, and he makes good money too. Everyone in their family is well-off except for June and her husband.

June is a teacher in an elementary school, and June’s husband is the manager of a restaurant. She says that June and June’s husband work incredibly hard, and she is proud of June for going into a difficult profession that doesn’t pay the best.

But the thing about June is that she is envious of their other family members and constantly complains about how hard her life is.

“She’s complained we have a cabin in the UP ( Michigan), and she’s got a starter home ( that we gave her $$ for),” she explained.

“She’s complained about her sister having nice clothes, her brother’s house in the lake, her husband having loans for his masters, us having nice cars, you name it. She constantly complains.”

Kateryna – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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