She Told Her Mom That If She Planned On Drinking, She Shouldn’t Bother Showing Up To Her Wedding

EmotionPhoto - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman will be tying the knot with her 23-year-old fiancé in just about three weeks.

So, everything is entirely paid for and planned out already. In fact, her fiancé even footed the bill for the entire event, which will be attended by her closest friends and family.

And with nothing else left to do, she and her fiancé have been enjoying their time leading up to the big day.

Her fiancé and her dad actually happen to get along extremely well, too. So, the pair went golfing recently; meanwhile, she stayed at her parent’s house to hang out with her mom.

Eventually, her mom did start asking questions about the wedding– specifically catering. And she claimed that her mom was excited the entire time until she revealed that there was not going to be an open bar or any alcohol whatsoever.

Her mom apparently claimed that was “stupid” and said she would just bring a flask to the event.

She told her mom that was absolutely not okay, though, and reiterated how she just did not want any alcohol at her wedding.

At that point, her mom came up with another suggestion. More specifically, her mom tried to say that all of the other guests could just meet at her mom’s house and drink before showing up at the wedding.

But, again, she was not okay with that. And as “crazy” as it may sound, she told her mom that if that happened, then she would just make sure all of the guests were breathalyzed before being allowed into the event.

EmotionPhoto – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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