She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between Fruits, And It Was Then That She Knew She Didn’t Want To Go Further In A Relationship With Him

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When it comes to grocery shopping, it’s all too easy to throw packaged foods into our shopping carts rather than pick out fresh produce.

Processed foods are much more convenient to prepare and may even be cheaper. However, processed foods are becoming so common that many people can no longer recognize certain fresh produce items.

Did you know that only one-third of Americans can correctly identify everyday produce? A survey conducted by Hitchcock Farms revealed that two-thirds of respondents were not aware that pineapples grew from the ground.

TikToker Madison Sinclair (@madisoncomedy) is discussing the worst date she ever had with a guy who was unable to identify his fruits.

So they were on a date at a bar, and while there, he asked her what her least favorite fruit was, which was the first sign that things weren’t going too well.

Madison told him that cantaloupes were her least favorite. In response, he asked her what a cantaloupe was. She was surprised that he didn’t know what a cantaloupe was.

Immediately, he became defensive and asserted that he knew exactly what the fruit was. In fact, he even pointed at one that he had just spotted behind her to prove his knowledge.

Madison turned around to look and saw that he was referring to a watermelon. At that moment, she knew with certainty that she could not continue further in a relationship with this man because he could not tell the difference between fruits.

So shortly after that, she left the bar. The next day, she received a video from him. In the video, he was seated at a desk with what he believed to be a cantaloupe.

Nitr – – illustrative purposes only

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