She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Was Super Rude, And His Negative Attitude Only Got Worse As The Night Wore On

Allistair F/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Whether or not a second date will occur is largely based on how you treat service workers. Did your date show courtesy and compassion when something went wrong? Or were they being disrespectful and unnecessarily insulting?

TikToker @loveyoufirstofficial is talking about the rudest guy she’s ever gone on a date with. And unfortunately, his negative attitude only grew worse as the night wore on.

So she met up with this guy in front of a bar for their date. He was the one who had chosen that particular spot. When he showed up, she noticed that he didn’t quite look like his pictures online.

In the pictures, he was probably about ten years younger than he was now. And since then, he seemed to have put on some weight, which wasn’t a problem. However, the photos were somewhat misleading and didn’t accurately represent his current appearance.

As they walked into the bar, the bartender greeted them and asked what they would like to drink. Immediately, the guy blurted out in a highly aggressive tone of voice that he did not drink alcohol.

She was confused because he had decided to go to a bar when they could’ve gone out for coffee instead. The bartender took his rudeness in stride and explained that they offered plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.

He ordered cranberry juice with some fresh lime. However, the bartender told him that cranberry juice was one of the few beverages they did not have.

Upon hearing the news, the expression on his face was incredulous, and he reacted as if he had been commanded to give up his firstborn child.

The bartender invited them to take their seats while he left to double-check if the bar had any cranberry juice. The guy refused to sit down. He angrily declared that they would be going somewhere else if there wasn’t any cranberry juice.

Allistair F/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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