She Went On A First Date That Only Lasted About 45 Seconds Before She Left, And It Was The Third Time They Had To Reschedule

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It can be rather upsetting and annoying when a guy keeps canceling your plans before you’ve even gone on a date. The first time he cancels isn’t that big of a deal. He probably just had something come up.

If he calls it off twice, you might raise your eyebrows at that, but maybe he’s just been really busy. But the third time is unacceptable, and at that point, he’s clearly just playing games with you and doesn’t value your time.

TikToker Sarah (@callmeredheadd) is talking about the shortest first date she’s ever been on. It lasted about 45 seconds before she left. The guy showed up twenty minutes late, and it was also the third time they had to reschedule.

He canceled on Sarah the first time because he claimed he hadn’t considered how much traffic there would be.

The second time, he basically slept through their date. He had woken up about half an hour before their date was supposed to start.

And Sarah does not begin getting ready until she receives a confirmation text that the date is still on, because to her, there’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up just to have plans fall through. So since she didn’t hear anything from him, she had assumed the date was not happening.

And now, for the third and final attempt at going on a date. At 6:30 PM, he texted her, saying he would be ten to fifteen minutes late because he had to go grocery shopping.

Apparently, groceries were more important to him than making it to their date on time. When he finally arrived at their date, Sarah told him that he had disrespected her time and walked out.

Several TikTok users could relate to Sarah’s experience, and some shared about their encounters with someone just as flaky.

StockPhotoPro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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