She’s Angry At Her Husband’s Dad For Canceling Their Honeymoon Last Minute, Since There’s No Way They Can Afford To Go Without Him Paying For It

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This young woman and her husband never got to have a wedding since they chose to elope, and this week, they are supposed to have a tiny ceremony.

They waited 3 long years to even be able to have this little event. After their ceremony, they planned to have a little honeymoon getaway in a nearby city.

They spent months putting this together, and they were going to spend 4 days and 3 nights on their honeymoon.

“It was clearly spoken that my side of the family (including myself) would pay for x, and my husband’s side would pay for y (the honeymoon),” she explained.

“We never had a honeymoon after we eloped three years ago, and so this was greatly anticipated. We had asked and asked to make the reservations, but his dad kept saying to do it later. Now they are expensive because it is so close to the date.”

Well, 2 days before their ceremony, her husband’s dad mentioned that he was no longer paying for their honeymoon since he just paid for them to go on another trip.

She would have been fine with this if he had not waited until the last minute to tell her. If he had told her, like, a month ago, she would have been able to save up the necessary money for her honeymoon.

But now, she obviously doesn’t have the ability to do this and cannot afford a honeymoon since she’s a broke college student who works as a waitress, and her husband is an unemployed nursing student.

“I cried for hours,” she said. “Then my husband told me that his dad changed his mind and would give us $1,500 for our honeymoon because he felt guilty.”

ID 55235178 – © Daniel Novoa – – illustrative purposes only

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