She’s Deaf And Uses A Sunflower Lanyard For People With Hidden Disabilities, But Her Husband Doesn’t Want Her To Use It On Their Vacation Because He Thinks She Gets “Preferential Treatment”

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This woman from the UK is married and has two kids. She is also deaf on her left side and suffers from severe tinnitus– or ringing in her ears.

But, in the UK, there are what’s known as “sunflower lanyards” for people with hidden disabilities.

By wearing this lanyard, individuals are able to discreetly indicate that they may need additional support, help, or time as they navigate day-to-day activities.

“I use my lanyard a lot when I am traveling because that’s one of the things I find most difficult,” she explained.

For instance, background noise, large crowds, echoing environments, and hard surfaces make things particularly difficult for her.

“It’s horrible, and it leaves me knackered and usually with a screaming headache,” she said.

Anyway, she and her husband– along with their kids– are planning to head out for a vacation soon, and the lanyard would usually be a really useful tool for her.

But, before they left, her husband actually asked her not to wear her sunflower lanyard at the airport.

According to her husband, she gets a lot of “preferential treatment” whenever she wears the lanyard.

mimagephotos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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