He Got His Nephew A $400 Birthday Gift But Got His Niece A $200 Present, And His Niece Was Upset That She Didn’t Review A Gift of Equal Value

morrowlight - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old guy has a niece and nephew who are 17-year-old twins, and recently, he attended their birthday party. And before then, he put some thought into what he should get each teen as a gift.

Apparently, his nephew has a weekend job that he plans that he plans to continue after graduating from school in June.

“It is heavily tech-based, and as a record producer, I understand tech-based jobs,” he said.

He also knew that his nephew really wanted to get a nice new pair of headphones– specifically the Sony XM5.

But, his brother and sister-in-law just weren’t able to afford to buy headphones for their son as well as buying a gift of equal value– which would be over $400– for their daughter.

“So I decided to get them for my nephew, and he was so happy when he opened them that his face lit up, and he ran up and hugged me,” he recalled.

But, his niece was not nearly as happy. Instead, she was downright upset because her birthday gift was not worth the same as the fancy new headphones her brother received.

For context, he gifted his niece Sony WF-C700N wireless headphones, two glossy box mystery boxes, two eyeshadow palettes, an ultimate lash and brow set, and some other skincare items. So, in total, he spent about $200 on his niece’s gift.

“And she got a lot more; they just weren’t as expensive,” he added.

morrowlight – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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