Her Estranged Dad Heard That She’s Having A Big Wedding, So He Asked Her To Give $12,000 From Her Wedding Budget To Help Fund Her Stepbrother’s Cancer Treatment

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This 27-year-old woman has a pretty rough relationship with her dad and his new wife named Karen.

Her mom sadly passed away when she was 12, and two years later, that’s when her dad married Karen.

Off the bat, Karen made it obvious that her two boys, Hans and John, should be the priority over her and her dad got with that program.

By the time she turned 16, she had an enormous fallout with her family and moved out of the house.

This all went down after Karen sold her mom’s grand piano under the excuse that they never used it.

Her mom adored piano and music in general, and those things are important to her too. When her mom was still alive, the piano was the way that they bonded together.

Any time she caught herself missing her mom, she would sit down and play something on the piano.

The piano also helped her through some tough times with her family, as when she disagreed with them, she found solace in playing.

Another thing that’s worth noting is that her mom’s belongings mysteriously went missing as soon as Karen moved into their house, and the piano was one of the only things she had left to remember her mom by.

ID 37444194 – © Epicstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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