Here’s How You Can Easily Make Tacos Using A Bundt Pan

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If you’ve been feeling daring in the kitchen lately, you might want to try this take on tacos. A TikTok account, @creativecookingcouple_nm, is showing you how to make a ring of crunchy, crispy tacos in a bundt pan, of all things!

The video demonstration has received over five million views and hundreds of comments.

Bundt pans aren’t just reserved for desserts. You can use them to turn tortillas and cheese into a delicious meal that’s easy to serve at parties or family dinners. Reinvent Taco Tuesday with this recipe!

Start by cooking a pound of hamburger meat and flavor it with taco seasoning. Then, stack several tortillas on top of each other and cut them into four equal sections. Grease your bundt pan, and line it with the tortilla strips, fanning them out neatly.

Once the pan is filled with tortilla strips, add enough shredded cheddar cheese to cover the bottom of the ring.

Spoon half of the meat into the pan, followed by a layer of black olives. Next, sprinkle in sautéed onions, diced red peppers, and jalapeños.

Take the leftover rounded strips of tortilla and place them on top of the filling. Add Monterey Jack cheese on top. After that, arrange some tortilla chips in the pan to give the dish a nice crunch.

Cover the chips with another layer of round tortilla strips, then add cheddar cheese. At this point, you should be nearing the top of the bundt pan.

The last layer includes the rest of the taco meat, a little bit more of the veggies, and Monterey Jack cheese.

ID 61542415 – © Joshua Resnick – – illustrative purposes only

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