His Autistic Cousin Melted Down Upon Finding Out That His Dog Sadly Passed Away, And He Finally Had To Tell His Aunt The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Her Kid

anisha_mur - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 26-year-old man had his German Shepard for the last 14 years, and he says that she was nothing but a complete “angel.”

Every single person who met his dog fell head over heels in love with her, and his dog would always lay next to people.

He has a 12-year-old cousin who is autistic, and his cousin adored his dog. His cousin always played fetch with his dog and gave her tons of hugs.

“Unfortunately, as pets age, their health declines it reaches a point where difficult decisions have to be made,” he said.

“A month ago, after seeing how much she suffering from her arthritis, I made the decision to put her down.”

“When the time came, the vet came to my place to do everything, with her final moments being just the two of us.”

In light of his best friend’s passing, he held back on informing his loved ones that she was no longer with them.

He wanted some time to himself to grieve before having to break the sad news to everyone in his family.

Well, his plans changed when his mom, his dad, his aunt, and his aunt’s family dropped by his house without asking first.

anisha_mur – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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