His Wife Hasn’t Been Helping With Household Chores Or Even Showering And Brushing Her Teeth, And He Isn’t Sure How To Help

Now, it was news to him that his wife was struggling to complete personal hygiene habits, and he was totally shocked. He had been so busy focusing on keeping places like their kitchen clean that he didn’t even notice his wife hadn’t been showering or brushing her teeth.

“I guess lucky for me, even when she doesn’t shower, she doesn’t get particularly bad BO,” he said.

Still, when he asked his wife about the longest period she had gone without showering, she admitted to going 10 days without washing herself.

Since this conversation, he realizes that he could theoretically just complete all of their household chores by himself. But he has no clue how to help his wife out since she is the only person who can take her personal hygiene seriously.

She admitted to feeling totally overwhelmed whenever she thinks about everything she needs to get done for work or school. Then, when she is not on campus or working, his wife winds up doing nothing.

It is crucial to note that his wife does have ADHD and actually used to be on medication. However, she stopped taking her meds since one of the side effects was a racing heartbeat.

“I’m no psychiatrist, but from my limited knowledge of ADHD, the inability to properly prioritize chores and self-care tasks is a common symptom. Lack of motivation to use one’s downtime to tackle minor household tasks seems like another one,” he explained.

While his wife does have a somewhat busy schedule, he also believes that it is nowhere near busy enough to where it would be necessary to skip out on personal hygiene habits.

He claimed that showering would only take his wife about 10 minutes, plus a few more to dry off her hair. She is not working 12-hour days or anything crazy like that, either.

Instead, his wife actually has a few hours after returning home from work every day when she simply plays video games or enjoys watching some TV.

So, even though he doesn’t want to take away his wife’s free time, he just cannot understand how she prioritizes things like watching TV or playing games over taking care of herself.

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