She Has A Hilarious Story About A Guy She Was Supposed To Go On A Date With, But She Accidentally Left Him Helpless And Abandoned In The Woods

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Dating is like going on an unpredictable adventure. And sometimes, that adventure can lead you to be stranded in the wilderness. This epic dating fail will give you a good laugh if you’re in need of one.

TikToker Jackie Jaquez (@jackiejaquez1) has a hilarious story about a guy she was supposed to go on a date with, but she accidentally left him helpless and abandoned in the woods.

At the time, she was a nanny, and the family she nannied for went out of town, so they had her house-sit for them. She called the guy she had been talking to and asked if he wanted to meet her at the empty house for a sleepover.

He agreed, so they planned to arrive at the house on Friday night and spend the next day together. But that Friday, she went out with her friends and ended up getting drunk.

She didn’t think it was a good idea for her to drive, so she called him to tell him about the change of plans. However, he did not answer the phone. She tried texting him, saying that she couldn’t make it and they could meet on Saturday night instead.

He still did not reply. Jackie assumed that he probably saw her message and fell asleep before he had the chance to respond.

The next day, she received a call from him. He informed her that he had been waiting outside the house for hours the previous night.

The house Jackie was taking care of for the family was located in a heavily forested area. In order to contact people, you needed to have access to WiFi, which he did not.

He had gotten dropped off at the house and didn’t receive any of Jackie’s calls or texts because he didn’t have phone service. He had no way of contacting anyone at all.

zlikovec – illustrative purposes only

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