She Hooked Up With Her Married Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend From Years Ago, But Her Friend Is Furious She Didn’t Ask First

prostooleh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About four years ago, this woman’s friend of almost a decade, Julia, dated a guy named Charles for one year.

But they broke up, and Julia hasn’t been with Charles for the past three years. In fact, she has instead gotten married to a different guy and is now 16 weeks pregnant.

She was also friends with Charles back when he was dating Julia, though, since they were both musicians. That’s why she and Charles had a lot in common.

“We all used to hang out a lot, and I got to know him really well,” she recalled.

“I thought he was a really cool guy, and I was happy for my friend.”

Then, following Julia’s breakup, she stopped seeing Charles since she thought remaining friends with him would be inappropriate.

That’s why years passed by, and they never had any contact. But, just last month, she played a small gig at a bar and ultimately ran into her friend’s ex.

Once she finished her set, she walked over to the bar to grab a drink. Charles just so happened to be there, too and went over to say hello to her.

“We had some drinks, laughed a lot, ordered dinner, and ended up going home together and [hooking up] with each other,” she revealed.

prostooleh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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