She Says That Her Father Passed Away, Yet His Spirit Was With Her Mom In The ICU Room

VILevi - illustrative purposes only

In April, this woman’s father tragically passed away. Recently, her mother had a medical emergency that put her in the ICU. The family was terrified that she wouldn’t survive.

She says that they came incredibly close to losing her mom, but thankfully she did survive.

Last night, while they were all waiting nervously in hopes that their mother’s health would improve throughout her hospital stay, she went to sleep and had an amazing dream.

“In the dream, I walked into my mama’s room at the hospital, and there was my daddy, larger than life,” she shared.

“He was standing next to the bed, dressed in his favorite white dress shirt, and he smiled when he saw me.”

“I asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ He replied, ‘You look like you could use a hug, sweetheart!’ I started to cry, and I was poking his chest, saying, ‘Are you real? How can you be here?'”

Then, her father hugged her close to him, which was reminiscent of how he was in real life because her father was known for giving wonderful hugs. She was overcome with emotion in the dream and sobbed uncontrollably as her father held her in his arms.

“I’m telling him I love him and miss him. I asked him again, ‘Why are you here?’ He replied, ‘I am always here, sweetheart, whenever you need me,'” she continued.

After this, she woke up from the dream feeling relaxed and tranquil. She felt a sense of peace, and she noticed that this was the most restful sleep she’d gotten in several months.

VILevi – illustrative purposes only

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