She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Kept Getting Lovey-Dovey And Touching Her, Before He Said Some Things Nobody Should Say On A First Date

Andrew Bayda - - illustrative purposes only

When you’re on a date, one way to make a favorable impression is through high-quality conversation. But choosing the right words to say is only part of what makes up a good conversation.

You must also focus on what you don’t say, and that’s where body language comes into play. Body language is an important skill that will benefit you in social interactions. It can make or break how well your date goes.

TikToker @leftshark2015 is describing a bad date she went on over a year ago with a guy who desperately needed a lesson in body language.

So she had been talking to this guy for a short while before he asked her to accompany him to a brewery. They had decided to meet up at 6 p.m., so she assumed they would be going there for dinner.

When she showed up at the brewery, she discovered that he had lied about his height. She was five feet and ten inches, while he was shorter than her.

At the time, businesses were still taking precautions against COVID-19, so the booths at the brewery were separated by clear plastic.

After they were seated, the server took their drink orders. Once their drinks arrived, the server asked if they wanted to order any food.

Immediately, her date declined the offer, not even giving her a chance to chime in. As the date continued, he was acting very lovey-dovey toward her.

At one point, she got up to use the restroom, and when she returned, he had moved to the same side of the table she had been sitting at.

Andrew Bayda – – illustrative purposes only

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