She’s Not Allowing Her 16-Year-Old Daughter, Who’s Entering Her Senior Year of High School, To Apply To College Because She Doesn’t Think She’s Mature Enough To Go

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Many parents cannot wait until their teenagers can apply to colleges because while they’ll miss them, they want them to get out of the house and build a life of their own.

But one mom has decided not to allow her 16-year-old daughter, who’s entering her senior year of high school, to apply to college until she’s 18 because she doesn’t think she’s mature enough to go.

She’s 35-years-old, and her daughter is 16. Her daughter is a “cut-off baby,” as she was born in mid-December. So, although she’s only 16, she’s about to enter her senior year of high school with her classmates.

“She is a very smart girl, and I’m proud of what she’s accomplished,” she said.

“But she’s also young and naive in a lot of ways. She’s easily manipulated, she doesn’t pay much attention to her surroundings, [and] she can’t stand up for herself. She constantly still calls or texts me and her father for help with things.”

Recently, she’s been extra concerned about her daughter after hearing that she’s becoming a victim of peer pressure. Her daughter has begun hanging out with a group of friends she doesn’t approve of, and she can tell they’re not a great influence on her.

She’s tried demanding that her daughter stop hanging out with these people, but her daughter has refused.

Because of this, she and her husband decided the best way to handle the situation was to stop her daughter from going to college at the same time as her classmates. Because her daughter is still a minor, they think she needs to take some time to grow up. 

While her daughter is home, she thinks she can get a job and learn to follow the house rules. Then, when she’s officially 18, she can go off to school.

ID 138867135 – © Kriscole – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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