Her Teen Son Is Upset That She Gave His Bedroom Away To Her New Foster Daughter, Even Though He’s Back At College Right Now

dubova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This woman and her husband have spent more than 10 years fostering children, and they currently have some little kids living at home as well as some older, adult kids who no longer live at home.

They have a biological son who is 12, an adopted son who is 8, an adopted son who is 5, and a foster son who is only 21-months-old, and all those kids currently live with them.

Their 22-year-old foster daughter still does live at home with them too, and their 19-year-old biological son came home for the summer after completing his first year of college.

A few weeks back, she and her husband were asked if they could take 5 foster kids in an emergency.

She and her husband did only have two extra bedrooms for the kids, but they had beds in storage to make accommodations for all of them.

They decided to place the 17, 12, and 7-year-old girls in one bedroom while they placed the 10 and 6-year-old boys in another room.

“It now looks like we are going to be fostering the 5 of them for considerably longer than we thought when they were placed with us,” she explained.

“Because of the large age gaps between the girls, having them share more long term isn’t really ideal.”

They then decided to rearrange all the boys in their home to give the 17-year-old girl her own bedroom.

dubova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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