He’s Really Having A Hard Time Picking Between Two Girls To Seriously Date, Since He Finds Them Both Attractive In Their Own Separate Ways

estradaanton - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This guy is really having a hard time picking between two girls to seriously date. The first girl ghosted him but then wound up coming back nine days after the fact.

He knows he caught feelings too quickly for her, and he thought she was his dream girl. She’s kind, she’s sweet, has two years left in college, and doesn’t live very far away from him.

After she ghosted him and popped back up, she mentioned that she was not ready to seriously date him, but he thinks she’s interested in him and just needs a bit of time to get to that place.

“Unfortunately, when she ghosted me, I got closer to another girl I’d matched with,” he explained.

“We ended up hanging out that weekend that I assumed the other girl was gone. She then told me she liked me, and I liked her too. We hung out again this weekend because the other girl said she was busy.”

This second girl is lovely, but he sees two major issues with her. The first issue is that she lives basically two hours away from him if you count traffic.

She’s also a lot younger than him and starting her very first job. So he thinks that if they do work out, he would have to wait longer to settle down and have a life with her long-term.

He’s split between which girl he should pick. He did say to the second girl that he needs some time to think about if he would like to seriously date her given the distance.

However, if it was only about how far apart they live from one another, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for him. It’s that, plus the other considerations about her, that are giving him pause.

estradaanton – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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