She Agreed To Go Out On A Date With A Doctor, But Then He Expected Her To Pay For Their Movie Tickets

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The question of who should pay on the first date persists. TikToker Morgan Roos (@morganroos96) is asking viewers if she was in the wrong for expecting a guy to pay after he invited her on a date.

So she had been talking to a 38-year-old doctor, and he asked her out on a date. He suggested that they go out for drinks and then asked Morgan what she wanted to do.

She told him that going for drinks sounded fun, but she also wanted to see a movie that had just been released in theaters. He agreed, so they planned on drinks and a movie for their first date.

But the night before their date, he texted her, questioning if she had purchased the movie tickets yet. Confused, Morgan informed him that she had not.

She told him that she had been under the impression that they were going on a first date and that he would be the one covering the costs.

He retorted that it was a first date; however, she was the one who had brought forth the idea of going to the movies, so he believed she should pay for the tickets.

“I can’t tell who’s in the wrong here because, like, while he’s correct, I’m the one who recommended a movie, you’re the one that asked me on a first date, and you also asked me what I would like to do,” Morgan pointed out.

Now, she’s wondering if she should play fair and split the bill with her date–he pays for the drinks, and she pays for the tickets–or if she should expect the guy to pay on a first date. Should she still even go on the date?

Several TikTok users called him out for his behavior, claiming that he displayed multiple red flags. They advised Morgan not to go through with the date.

pressmaster – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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