She Brought Her Ferrets To Work With Her On Bring Your Pet To Work Day, But Her Manager Asked Her To Take Them Home Since They Smell

okrasiuk - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or ferret

This 27-year-old woman works in management at an office.

Her employees excitedly decided to plan a “‘bring your dog to work day,” and their idea was approved by higher-up management.

Originally, the employees who came up with this wanted it to be a recurring day, possibly happening either each Friday or alternating every other Friday. In the end, they settled on testing it out a couple of times to see how smoothly it went.

“I personally was against it and am not too much of a dog person. I don’t know why this pets-at-work stuff is catching on. I said they could be disruptive and, besides, not everyone has dogs. What about people with other pets like me feeling left out?” she said.

When she voiced these concerns to her coworkers, they changed the name of the event to “‘Bring Your Pet To Work Day'” so that no employees would be excluded. They agreed that employees could bring any kind of pet they chose as long as the animal was well-behaved.

“On Friday, I brought my three ferrets to work with me. I took the big transport cage on wheels, so they had plenty of room. Have to say I sort of liked it. It was fun having them there with me all day since everyone else got to have their dogs,” she explained.

Throughout the workday, some of her coworkers approached her desk to take a peek at her ferrets. However, other coworkers got angry as the day went on. A lot of her coworkers couldn’t stand the smell of her ferrets.

“A couple of people gagged a bit as they passed through the area. (To be fair, this is in the UK, and ferrets are not descended here.) After only a couple of hours, my manager stopped by and asked to speak with me. He said that the ferrets were causing a disruption and that I should take them home. I said, ‘How so?’ They’re objectively way less disruptive than people’s barking dogs. They just stay in the cage. He said, ‘Come on, the odor is bothering people, and you know it,'” she shared.

She responded and said that that was just the way ferrets smell, and even though it’s a strange smell, it’s not hurting anyone.

okrasiuk – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or ferret

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