She’s Been Accused of Ruining Her Mom’s Longtime Friendship After Calling Her Mom’s Friend’s Daughter A Freeloader

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Have you ever felt pressured to become close to the children of your parent’s best friend? It’s amazing when these relationships end up being super strong and great, but at the end of the day, you might not get along with them.

One woman has been accused of ruining her mom’s longtime friendship after calling her friend’s daughter a freeloader.

Her mom has a best friend who she’s been close with for over 40 years. They were each other’s bridesmaids and have been there for each other through very hard times. Her mom’s friend has a 23-year-old daughter she’s not close with at all but suddenly had to deal with her daily.

Her mom’s friend’s daughter had just gotten a new job in the same city as her and contacted her for the first time in 15 years to ask if she could stay at her apartment for three weeks while she waited for her new apartment lease to start.

Because their moms are so close, she felt pressured to let this girl stay with her, so she said yes, even though she lives in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment.

Unfortunately, things started falling apart quickly. Her mom’s friend’s daughter only gave her two days of notice before her arrival, and once she arrived, she made a mess of things. She refused to contribute toward any of her apartment costs or chores.

“She threw away my food from the counter, broke items, including my travel memorabilia, [and] left moldy food on my dining table,” she explained.

“[She also] lost my spare house key within five hours of her arrival, then asked to take my personal key to get in and out of the apartment. I had to spend an evening running around Home Depot.”

This, surprisingly, wasn’t the worst of her mom’s friend’s daughter’s behavior. They ended up having a massive falling out after this girl invited herself on a weekend trip to Maine she had planned alone.

GTeam – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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