The Cameras In Her House Don’t Work When Her Husband Is Home Alone, So She Thinks He Might Have Something To Hide

Vasyl - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 38-year-old woman recently got married to her husband, 43.

They moved in together, combining all of their belongings, and everything is going well so far. They have an amazing physical connection and communicate in healthy ways.

In order to feel secure, she has several cameras stationed around the house. Some of their children are too young to have cell phones, so she also has cameras so that she can stay in touch with the children and check that they’ve gotten home from school safely.

Normally, she doesn’t pay too much attention to the cameras. She had a few cameras in the house she previously lived in, but so far, she’s only had three cameras installed so far in the new house. When they bought this house, it already had a doorbell camera, so she didn’t have to worry about buying one.

Her husband works from home, and for the first several weeks of living in the new house, everything was normal, and all of the cameras seemed to work well. The doorbell camera also seemed to be functioning as it was supposed to and captured every movement it picked up on.

“The first week my husband was solo in the house, and the first day the kids go off to school, when they come home, through the front door, there is no Ring notification,” she said.

“The timeline glitches as if the shots were deleted. He is the main Ring account holder, and I’m shared. I can’t delete anything.”

“That evening, I mentioned it, and he got defensive, so I initially dropped it. I wouldn’t have married him if I didn’t trust him. I was just curious about what happened.”

In a later discussion, she told him that she didn’t ask him about the Ring camera because she was accusing him of doing something sneaky, but she emphasized that something weird was definitely going on with the camera. They both decided to drop the subject from then on.

Vasyl – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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