When She Was Five Minutes Away From A Restaurant, The Guy She Was Supposed To Go On A Date With Mentioned He Was Bringing His Friend

janifest - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Before bringing a friend with you on a first date, you should definitely inform your date about your plans so they don’t feel ambushed when you show up with another person in tow.

TikToker Kaylye (@kaylyebug) is discussing her worst dating experience ever. It was by far the weirdest date she had ever been on.

So, she had planned to meet up with a guy at a restaurant. When she was five minutes away from the spot, he messaged her to let her know he was bringing a friend with him.

Since she was already so close to the restaurant, there was no turning back. Once she arrived, she discovered that his friend was an old man.

He suggested that they go to a karaoke bar and invited her to ride along in their car. Against her better judgment, she decided to get into the vehicle with them, and they drove together to the bar.

When they reached the bar, the bouncer asked to see proof of identification. But after digging around in her purse, she realized she had left her ID at home.

The forgotten ID gave her the perfect excuse to leave. She planned to hide in the bathroom of a nearby gas station and call for a ride. However, the gas station she went to didn’t have a bathroom, and her date ended up following her there.

He tried to persuade her to stick around and continue their date, but she was adamant about going back home. He also had a rash around his lips, which didn’t really help her first impression of him. Finally, she was able to escape and leave this terrible experience behind.

When they had planned this date, she thought she would be meeting him at the restaurant alone, and then they would chat for a bit before going out anywhere.

janifest – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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