He Finally Asked His Girlfriend To Start Showering Everyday Because She Consistently Smells “Musty,” And She Stopped Talking To Him

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This man and his girlfriend have been dating for five years, and they’ve lived together for a year.

Up until recently, he didn’t take note of how often his girlfriend showers, but over the past summer, he realized that when she came home at the end of the day, she would smell “musty.”

“I noticed that she sometimes goes as long as 72 hours without bathing. On top of that, our bedroom has been smelling musty from the bedding and her clothes,” he said.

In the past, he’s dropped hints to her, but last night he was more direct.

He asked his girlfriend if there was a reason that she didn’t bathe every day, and he wondered if it had to do with her skin drying out too much if she showered that often.

However, she told him that there wasn’t a particular reason, and it just wasn’t a part of her daily routine.

In response, he said that he wanted her to attempt to start showering every day, adding that he thought it was pretty common to shower each day (he acknowledged that they live in the United States, and he understands that it can be different depending on where you live).

“I said all this as gently as I could and never made mention of her smelling less than fresh. She’s upset now, though, and not talking to me. I feel bad, but it was also bothering me, especially since I’m pretty clean and hygienic in every area of my life,” he explained.

He’s not sure how he didn’t realize his girlfriend didn’t shower as often as she should, but since this summer was so humid in the area where they live, he finally picked up on it.

Photo 87024000 – © Artofphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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