He Left His Pregnant Girlfriend Because After He Refused To Propose While They Were Having Issues In Their Relationship, She Downloaded Dating Apps And Wouldn’t Admit It Was Wrong

Olesya Pogosskaya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Recently, this man ended his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. When he broke up with her, she was three months into her pregnancy.

Leading up to the breakup, he and his girlfriend were fighting all the time. The arguments often related to finances, as well as minor issues they had with one another.

“After a big argument, she had asked me if I was going to marry her. I told her I wasn’t going to propose while we were having so many issues because I didn’t want our marriage to seem like a band-aid for our relationship,” he said.

In his opinion, they should focus on resolving their issues before they could think about getting engaged.

Once he had said that, his girlfriend interpreted his statement to mean that he never wanted to marry her at all.

So, she decided to download dating apps and start talking to other men without his knowledge.

“I ended up catching her talking to some guy on the apps and confronted her about it. She openly admitted she was looking for someone else to spend her life with,” he explained.

From there, they had yet another fight.

Several days later, his girlfriend told him that she was sorry for her actions. She claimed it was a stupid decision on her part, and she promised she was done talking to men on dating apps.

Olesya Pogosskaya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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