Mummy Sausages Are An Easy And Festive Halloween Recipe

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If you have any little ones, get ready for them to beg you relentlessly to let them gorge on their hard-earned Halloween candy from rounds of trick-or-treating for dinner. It’s an idea that’s only enticing to kids.

But of course, candy for dinner is far from being a nutritious, well-balanced meal. And besides that, it’s sure to make them sick to their stomachs, which you will have to deal with the aftermath of.

Despite all these downsides to having candy for dinner, you might be tempted to give in to their demands and indulge in their whims.

After all, it’s just one time a year. However, there is a way for you to steer clear of candy-induced chaos, such as sugar highs and sticky fingers, and come to a compromise with your kids.

Here’s a dinner idea that’s not candy that they will also find appealing: sausages wrapped up to look like mummies. It’s easy, fun, and packed with protein, so it actually provides some nutritional value.

To mummify your sausages, first, you will need a tube of crescent roll dough or a sheet of puff pastry dough. Lay the dough flat and cut it into long, thin strips with a knife.

Next, remove some sausages from their packaging and wrap a strip of dough around one of the sausages.

Trim off the edges if they are too long. Remember, you can use any kind of sausage that you want.

Veggie or chicken sausages also work with this recipe. Repeat the process until all the sausages are suitably wrapped.

Photo 77837801 © Santusya –
– illustrative purposes only

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