She Shared A Spooky Video Of Her Son Claiming To Miss Marilyn Monroe And That The Star Had Cared For Both Of Them When They Were Infants

“There’s a picture of Marilyn holding two kids and one of them looks just like him,” another pointed out.

“Maybe u were all in the same orphanage she grew up in and since she didn’t get adopted she started taking care of the younger orphans,” suggested someone else.


I believe in past lives and I also believe children are very tapped in and can remember a lot more than adults. This definitely caught me off guard and had me shook lol ? more so because of the picture and who he’s referring to lol! He’s been talking about his “other parents” since he could first talk. He talks about their “sugar house” and how they died when he was a baby often. @Michael Armstrong #pastlife #childrenpastlifestories #marilynmonroe

? original sound – Stephanie | Intuitive Healer ?

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