She’s Showing You How To Make Pizza Dippers In The Shape Of Witch Hats

TikTok - @izzyskitchen

Now that it’s October, all you see are Halloween supplies whenever you walk into a store. In fact, by this time, some stores have actually already ditched the Halloween goods and jumped straight into Christmas.

As much as we love the jolly winter holiday, it would be wrong not to give Halloween the focus it deserves.

This entire month is dedicated to the spooky season, and it needs to be celebrated to the max. One way to do so is by cooking up a storm of fun foods in the kitchen.

TikToker @izzyskitchen is sharing a recipe for pizza dippers in the shape of witch hats. The only ingredients that are really required to make them are some crescent roll dough, pepperoni or salami, and mozzarella cheese.

Start by pulling apart the triangular sections of the crescent dough. Center a cheese stick along the edge of the wide end of the triangle, aka the hat’s brim, and roll it up a couple of times.

Do not roll it up all the way. You want to make sure that you leave a point at the top.

Pinch the dough around the ends of the cheese to seal it tightly. This will prevent the cheese from seeping out and making a mess after you bake the witch hats in the oven.

Next, take a pair of kitchen scissors or some star and moon-shaped cookie cutters to form your pepperoni or salami into star and moon shapes.

Place the shapes on the dough for your toppings and decoration.

If desired, you can add tomato sauce to the pizza dippers, but it’s entirely up to you. They’ll still taste like the perfect Halloween party snack without it.

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