He Believes That Any Guy Who Asks For A Separate Check At The End Of A Dinner Date Is A Walking Red Flag Who Doesn’t Even Deserve A Second Date

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Who should pay the bill at the end of the date? The answer depends on who you ask, which can make navigating dating expenses difficult. Many are of the opinion that the guy and girl should split the check to make it fair and equal. However, one man thinks otherwise.

TikToker Christian (@cbwritescopy) is speaking about his belief that a guy who asks for separate checks on a dinner date with a girl is a walking red flag.

“Women shouldn’t even be allowed to split a dinner bill ever,” he started the video. He went on to say that a guy who shows even a moment’s hesitation when faced with the bill is not the one.

If a situation like that does occur, he asserts that in an ideal world, women should just grab the bill, stick the guy’s credit card in, and hand it off to the waiter, along with a 20 percent tip. Of course, in an ideal world, women wouldn’t even have to worry about finances.

Christian admits that he has been on plenty of dinner dates where he winced inwardly after looking at the costs of the bill. However, he never makes his feelings known to the girl he’s on the date with.

“To me, if he asks for separate checks, or even worse, ask for a Venmo afterwards, that’s a red flag. You should not go on another date with him; it’s a sign of bad things to come,” said Christian.

He then advised men not to invite women on fancy dinner dates if they can’t afford to cover the whole check. Instead, he recommends that they take women out for ice cream, drinks, or mini golfing. If the girl isn’t happy with a more casual date idea, then she probably wouldn’t have been a good match anyway.

Christian likes to cover the bill on dates because it allows the woman to have a good time without the question of payment weighing on her shoulders.

“In my opinion, a guy should cover the finances in a relationship completely. If a girl doesn’t want to work a nine-to-five, she shouldn’t have to,” he said.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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