He Was Invited To His Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding, But She Spent The Night Before In Jail, And Her Wedding Was Called Off, So He Doesn’t Want To Send A Gift

On top of all that, he planned to stop on the way to the event to pick up a card and take out cash as his wedding present.

“But on my way out the door, I found out it was canceled,” he said.

And now, in the wake of the canceled nuptials, he has no idea what to do about a wedding gift.

First of all, he has no clue where he would even send a present since he doesn’t know his ex’s address.

“And I know I could reach out for an address, but at this point, I didn’t even go to the wedding, and I don’t usually send gifts to weddings I don’t actually attend,” he vented.

So, he doesn’t really want to send a wedding gift to his ex following the failed wedding, but he also isn’t sure if that makes him a real jerk or not.

Should you always send a wedding gift? Or is it not required in this situation, given the cancelation and the fact that the bride is his ex? What would you do in his shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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