His Girlfriend Insists He Should Spend $37,500 On Her Engagement Ring, And It’s Making Him Doubt Proposing To Her

Photo 136937930 © Piman Khrutmuang - - illustrative purposes only

Three years ago, this 27-year-old guy started dating his 30-year-old girlfriend, and they currently live in an area with a very high cost of living.

He makes great money, $150,000 a year plus $50,000 in bonuses, and he has a lot of money saved up too. His girlfriend makes $60,000 and has no money saved up.

Now, he grew up poor, so he’s really feeling pressured to spend a lot on a wedding and a home in the near future, which his parents won’t be able to help him with.

He and his girlfriend have discussed marriage extensively, and he’s ready to propose to her soon.

They also spent time talking about what kind of an engagement ring his girlfriend wants, including what kind of cut and style it should be.

They both knew nothing about diamonds prior to talking about engagement rings, so they had to do some research.

“She was aware that lab diamonds were much cheaper than mined diamonds and expressed that she was happy to go for that as it would mean she could get a much higher quality ring than otherwise,” he explained.

“We also went out to a few places to try different options on her finger, after which she decided on her dream ring. I never gave her a particular budget for the ring because I had done research on lab diamonds and knew that I could likely afford whatever she wanted.”

“She has a habit of not really looking at the prices of things, so I am quite certain at this stage she didn’t fully understand just how much cheaper lab diamonds were vs mined diamonds.”

Photo 136937930 © Piman Khrutmuang – – illustrative purposes only

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