She’s Refusing To Meet Her Dad’s New Girlfriend Because She Views The Woman As A Homewrecker Who Caused The Divorce Of Her Parents By Having An Affair With Her Dad

iuricazac - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After this 24-year-old woman’s father filed for divorce, she found out that her dad had actually cheated on her mom throughout their marriage.

Thankfully, the divorce process did go smoothly. Well, as smoothly as it could.

“But it was highly emotionally taxing for both my mom and I,” she recalled.

Since then, her dad has been living with his affair partner– who is now his girlfriend– and they even recently purchased a home together.

So, her dad has actually been trying to get her to meet his girlfriend and visit his new house. That way, his girlfriend can cook for her.

Quite frankly, though, meeting her dad’s new girlfriend– who essentially tore apart her parents’ marriage– is going to be really difficult. So, she isn’t really on board.

For context, she does already know her dad’s girlfriend, just in a different sense. Apparently, the woman was actually a family friend who went to the same church as her and her parents.

Still, she’s not sure how she will react to seeing the woman in a much different context, and she’s concerned about what might happen.

“I’m worried about a mental breakdown, which would be embarrassing for not only me but for my dad,” she revealed.

iuricazac – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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