Taking Care Of His Disabled Wife Has Completely Burned Him Out, And He Feels Like He’s Failing

Photo 101620532 © Mashiki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three years ago, this 27-year-old man got married to his 24-year-old wife, and at the time, she had no health issues.

But, a year into their marriage, his wife began to suffer from some chronic health problems. He absolutely loves his wife and wants to stay married to her, but the last two years have been a nightmare for the both of them, and it all boils down to the challenges his wife has encountered with her health as he attempted to hold down their household.

He works a full-time job, and when he comes home, he has to clean the house, run errands, cook dinner, care for his wife, and care for their three large dogs.

While juggling all of that, he also just tries to catch a few moments to unwind, but he never manages to do this, as he ends up spending that time getting stressed out about what he could be accomplishing around the house that requires his attention.

“Lots of things get left undone because there are so many high-priority tasks that need to get done immediately that I never have time or energy to complete the tasks I only want to get done,” he explained.

“There is constant clutter and messes and more things to do, and it’s all very overwhelming and stressful. Then add in that finances are in the red, and it really feels like everything is spiraling out of control.”

It also doesn’t help that his dogs are pretty much going nuts and causing issues since he never has the energy to walk them routinely.

One of his dogs is a puppy, and he regrets getting this one since this puppy is a ton of work to train.

He has attempted to tell his wife that he would like to rehome their puppy since he’s not a great fit for their lifestyle, but she won’t hear him out.

Photo 101620532 © Mashiki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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