The Guy That She’s Been Dating Said He’s Not Sure He Wants To Keep Seeing Her Since She Overthinks Everything

mtrlin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two weeks ago, this 20-year-old girl started dating a 27-year-old guy after originally meeting him through a dating app.

Now, she admits that she really struggles with overthinking and anxiety in general. She does have an anxious attachment style, but she is in therapy and working to overcome this.

The guy that she’s been dating is completely aware of all of her challenges, but he has never made her feel bad about it.

“This guy has a secure attachment style and has been very understanding and supportive of me,” she explained.

“The first time I overthought things, he was really empathetic and asked how he could support me. He reassured me that I was overthinking and that things would naturally fall into place. It made me feel much better and confident in our ability to work through my fears.”

But she didn’t really trust how things were going, and she messed up for a second time. On Sunday, she went out on a date with this guy.

When their date was over, she texted him to say thank you and that she had arrived home safely. The very next morning, she began to get anxious and started to overthink their entire connection.

Instead of waiting it out and letting her mind clear, she instantly texted him. She honestly got worried that he was only looking for a physical connection, and that was behind her texting him with her insecurities.

“I had some doubts about if he was looking for something casual or what his intentions were with the relationship because I felt like it was mostly about physical chemistry,” she admitted.

mtrlin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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