Monster Unleashes Turbine Headphones AKA In-Ear Speakers

Monster unveiled a new pair of headphones tonight, this time they’re in the form of In-Ear headphones. The new Turbine In-Ear Speakers have been engineered to satisfy true audiophiles. That is why they are calling them In-Ear Speakers because these headphones are able to create an experience that is rich and powerful enough to feel like actual speakers, despite its small size. The Turbine headphones were personally designed by the Head Monster Noel Lee and involved three years of rigorous research, development, and refinement. Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers are powered by 8mm drivers “precision-engineered for superb sonic detail that delivers the big sound, deep bass, and clarity”. We got a chance to try them out for ourselves and they are indeed very powerful and with an amazing amount of clarity for in-ear headphones. Turbine In-Ear Speakers come with a selection of sound isolating eartips in multiple sizes so that you can get the best fit possible for your ear in order to block out external sounds. Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers will retail for $149.95, and from the time we’ve spent so far with them – they’re worth every penny. Check back for a full review soon.

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